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Mission And Vision
Who We Are

Eastern Dominican Christian Mission (EDCM) exists to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by making disciples and forming those disciples into congregations. Since the founding of the mission in 2003, EDCM has had a goal of planting churches in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic and helping lead those churches to self-sufficiency. This goal is accomplished primarily by two words: Equip and Empower.

Equip And Empower

EDCM equips the local leadership with the tools necessary to lead a congregation and to make disciples. This is accomplished by offering educational opportunities like seminars, workshops and in-depth bible studies as well as pastoral development to the local leadership. As the local leadership becomes more equipped to lead the congregation, they begin to take on more responsibilities of the local church.

EDCM empowers the local leadership by allowing them to lead the local congregation without fear of failure. Once the local leadership is equipped and feels empowered to lead, the local congregation becomes “self-sustaining.”

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